How to Stop Losing Over 6 Days a Year in Search of Parking!!



Every time you head into town for the day or decide to go out for the evening, parking becomes a supreme frustration. Every garage and street side seems jam packed with people. You find yourself driving in circles over and over! Where on earth are the spots? Sometimes, the frustration becomes so overwhelming it ends up putting a damper on your plans. Worse than that, you may end up late for important meetings, dates, or other plans. It’s averaged that you spend 15 minutes just looking for parking in Metro Manila. That adds up quite a bit over time, especially if you head to Manila often! It is a busy place, and it seems that everyone is always at the same place at the same time. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply pull into a parking garage and have a spot?

Dibz parking mobile app solves the Manila parking problem by pairing up with parking garages and residence locations. With Dibz, you can actually reserve a parking spot. Say goodbye to the stress of driving around and feeling hopeless in the process! There is finally a way to end the struggle of running in circles in search of a parking spot. With Dibz, you can save yourself time and emotional distress.

With Dibz, simply look up where you are headed, and find a parking spot based on what is available in the area. If the spot is available on Dibz, it is actually there – you do not need to worry that the spot will be gone by the time you arrive! Reserve the spot, head to it, and park. It’s that easy! Dibz is just an application for your phone – making it so that you can take this reservation system anywhere you go. Parking spots can be ready no matter where you are coming from.

Ever had an experience with a parking garage ticket getting lost? Remember how much that ended up costing? With Dibz parking mobile app, it is no longer an issue! Dibz allows you to make payments through the application, making things cashless and easy. Never receive a hefty fine from something silly again.

Dibz parking mobile app also allows those with spare parking put that spot to use. Have a parking spot you never use? Wish you could let people, park in it? By utilizing Dibz, you can make some extra money by allowing Manila drivers to use your parking space! Every extra spot in Metro Manila is immensely helpful.


Don’t let yourself be late for another meeting or walk into a date frazzled because of time wasted searching for a parking spot. Let Dibz take away your stress and reserve your parking. The Metro Manila parking problem is finally solved!

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