About Dibz

Redefining the way you park! Dibz is tapping into thousands of underutilized spaces from private office buildings to private residential condo-buildings providing drivers a solution to the growing parking problems in metropolitan cities. We simplify parking payments and integrate with existing hardwares.


To make innovative products and services that simplify your everyday life, so you can focus on the things that matter.


To be the leader in smart parking innovation.


Valet Request

In a hurry for a meeting? Don’t have the time to find and a parking space near your meeting destination? With Dibz Valet, you can request for a Valet through the app, to pick up your car at your meeting destination or at one of our Valet drop off points. One of our trusted valet drivers will meet you and park your car for you! When you need it back, just request for it through the app and we’ll have it back to you in 15 minutes time!


Need to check out a parking space first before reserving? That is what the Navigate button is for. If the parking space is available for reservation on Dibz, you will receive real time updates on the availability of parking spaces in that location. You can also use this to navigate when your desired spot cannot be reserved.

Parking History

View a history of where you parked and how much you paid. This makes it much easier to compile your parking expenses as personal or for business- Paper receipts are difficult to keep and sometimes they fade before you are able to get reimbursed for your work related parking expenses, but on Dibz, you can access them at any time.

Residential Partner

If you live in a condo where you own or lease a parking space monthly, you can list it for rent on Dibz whenever you are not using it. Earn some money while you are not using your parking space while helping out other drivers in search of a parking.

Dibz Pay

DibzPay is what you use to pay for your parking. You can load Dibz credits into your DibzPay account and pay for them through your debit or credit card. You also have the option to load up Dibz Credits through over the counter payments via Dragon Pay. You earn reward points whenever you top up your Dibz Credits, and you have the option to convert them to Dibz Credits.

Promo Codes

Parking just got exciting! When you park with Dibz, you are able to apply discount promo codes that will be emailed to you, shared on our social media or gifted to you by some of our retail partners!

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Garage Partnership

We are looking for more garage owners to partner with and list their garages on our mobile application.

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Residential Partnership

Are you interested in reducing your monthly residential parking space and helping out other drivers who are searching for parking?

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